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iKrusher’s New UZO Plus Is A Powerful Vape That’s Smaller Than A Lighter


The UZO Plus is the third generation of iKrusher‘s widely popular UZO Series. This remarkable device is one of the smallest disposable vapes on the market. In fact, it’s smaller than the average lighter.

iKrusher’s new UZO Plus has a 260 mAh rechargeable battery which can help bolster power to its most tantalizing feature – a massive 2.0 mL tank. The iKrusher team will be on the floor with the new UZO Plus at Hall of Flowers in Santa Rosa on May 3 & 4, 2023. One of the amazing new products to look forward to seeing for yourself this Spring.

The UZO Plus features inhale activation, anti-clogging technology, tank visibility so consumers know when they’re running low, overtime inhaling protection as well as low voltage protection for the battery. iKrusher’s pint-sized new powerhouse is breaking convention with its anti-leak 2.0 mL tank. “We focused our dedication on pushing the boundaries of what our smallest device could do,” the iKrusher team tells Hall of Flowers.

Combine the powerful battery and massive tank with its patented “iKonic” ceramic coil technology, and consumers have an anti-clogging, anti-leaking, powerful disposable vape that delivers the best long-lasting flavor on the market. iKrusher specializes in developing the next-stage in innovative vaporizer hardware.

Its expansive line of vaporizers has helped to set industry standards and improve the quality of users’ experience and hardware performance. “Our team came together in 2016, in Southern California, with the idea that we could research and develop innovative and industry-leading ways to vape,” the iKrusher team tells Hall of Flowers. “It was that message which brought together our passion for technology and the culture that surrounds the vape pen market.”  

iKrusher’s dual research facilities are located in both China and the U.S. The company has five branch locations throughout the country: Hercules, California; Arcadia, California; Littleton, Colorado; Farmington Hills, Michigan; and Phoenix, Arizona. The UZO Plus is now available, wholesale inquiries can sign up on iKrusher’s website to get access. Visit the company’s innovative YouTube channel to see behind-the-scenes footage of their production.

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