Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Heights Flower Creates Mini ‘Cannaverse’ In The Palm Of Your Hand


There’s no cannabis brand on the market today quite like Heights Flower.

Heights Flower was born in Los Angeles, California, and is known for it’s top shelf, hand-trimmed weed. The cannabis company invites consumers to take a trip into the “cannaverse” which is a 3D, high-tech, smartphone-accessible multiverse. Alongside the brand’s unique cannaverse, Heights recently launched its VIPs which stands for Very Infused Pre-rolls. They’re kief-coated in an easy-to-share puff-pack of 5 pre-rolls. Each joint features a half-gram of the elite, high quality cannabis that Heights Flower is known for. “We’re excited that our new VIPs are hopping off the shelves,” the Heights Flower team tells us. “We promise it’ll be love at first puff.”

“We’re not just any ordinary cannabis brand – we’re the first indoor-growing elite cannabis flower brand to introduce 3D augmented reality into our product packaging designs,” the Heights team tells Hall of Flowers. This means that you can scan the brand’s product packaging to enter the 3D cannaverse. “It’s like a mini cannaverse in the palm of your hand,” they say. Heights uses eco-friendly, compostable packaging, putting the sustainability of indoor cannabis first.

Heights doesn’t mess around when it comes to its indoor-grown cannabis. Their team has worked tirelessly to develop the perfect growing conditions, using only the best nutrients and lighting systems to produce an unparalleled cannabis product. Heights guarantees quality in its flower offerings– you’ll be able to taste the difference. The artisan cultivators at Heights focus on rare genetics. Popular cultivars from the brand include Supreme Gelato, Mt. Gelato, Moon Pie, Ooze, and more.

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