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Humboldt-Born Cannabis Brand Papa’s Herb Makes Good Weed Accessible To The Masses


Come to Papa. Papa’s Herb was founded in Humboldt County, California in 2018. Papa’s story began on the legacy market in Miami back in 1985, evolving over time from a beloved dealer to a household cannabis name brand.

Papa’s Herb is available to consumers in the California, Florida, Arizona, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Canadian marketplaces. Papa’s Herb most recently launched its Papa’s 1 Gram Disposable. “We perfectly crafted our Papa’s Hardware to address the common issues that customers often encounter with similar products on the market, such as leaking, dead batteries, and clogging. At Papa’s Herb, we understand the frustration that can arise from these problems, so we took extra care in crafting Papa’s Hardware specifically for our oil. This ensures a smooth and reliable vaping experience for our customers.”

Fans of Papa’s cannabis can find all of the brand’s 22 signature Papa’s Herb strains available in Disposable form. For consumer convenience, all Papa’s Disposables are rechargeable. Each unit comes with a charger, allowing customers to easily recharge their vape whenever needed. “Our familia can enjoy a wide variety of flavors and effects,” says the Papa’s Herb team. “Whether they prefer an uplifting Sativa, a relaxing Indica, or a balanced Hybrid, we have them covered.”

Papa’s Herb is committed to providing its ‘familia’ consumer base with amazing quality products at amazing prices, ensuring they can always rely on the brand. Since its founding, Papa’s Herb has experienced significant growth and expansion. The brand has expanded its presence from California to several other states and across Canada. Currently, Papa’s Herb can be found in the states of Florida, Arizona, Massachusetts, Oregon, as well as across various regions in Canada.

To cater to a wide customer base, Papa’s Herb has established partnerships with over 4,000 retail dispensary stores. These retail stores serve as marketplaces where customers can find and purchase Papa’s products, ensuring accessibility and availability across multiple locations. Papa’s Herb aims to deliver exceptional products to its consumers while expanding its reach to serve customers in various states and regions across North America.

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