Tuesday, October 3, 2023

LITTO Drops The Second Generation Of Its High-Tech Disposable Vape


LITTO just announced the launch of its new-and-improved LITTO Disposable Vape. The never-before-seen second-generation LITTO device has fine-tuned its features to create a more potent consumer experience on every inhale. LITTOs come pre-loaded with high-quality cannabis concentrate in a variety of flavors, highlighting consumer-favorite cultivars like Grape God, Blue Dream, Maui Wowie, Mimosa, and more.

LITTO was founded in Oklahoma in 2022 and expanded today to have its Headquarters in Southern California. The brand timed the drop of its new second-gen Disposable Vapes to the high holiday of 4/20 (to much fanfare).

This fresh drop of new generation LITTOs offers a handful of consumer-first features. The LITTO’s on/off button can be found directly on the front of the device. The same button simultaneously doubles as the draw-activator. Behind the firing button of this new LITTO device is an even more robust and powerful hit than before; the airflow of this updated disposable makes the whopping 10-second shut-off a strenuous feat to reach. Each vape holds 120 doses of potent cannabis concentrate.

Litto new line of second-gen vapes have dropped in California and Oklahoma.

The tech brand has kept its signature LITTO colorway the same with this updated device but this new disposable is smooth to the touch and has a glossy texture to it. Users can also see the oil inside the LITTO vape, thanks to the extra large oil window and brighter status light to indicate when the device needs to be charged. The new generation LITTO is still self-clearing and can be recharged if the battery dies before all doses can be used.

“Although this is a new device, we kept some of the best features from our first LITTO drop,” the LITTO team tells Hall of Flowers following the launch. “This new LITTO is for anyone! It wasn’t created with one specific person or group of people in mind because the convenience of this device can appeal to any type of person; the size, shape, and strength of this one-gram disposable are ideal for either an occasional or frequent smoke sesh.”

LITTO! is a young, Southern California-based Cannabis brand founded by a group of friends whose main focus is to provide a superior cannabis experience to those across the cannabis community. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a daily sesh or are a casual cannabis connoisseur, LITTO is here to make your smoke sessions easier than ever before. After the introduction of LITTO to the Oklahoma market in early 2022, LITTO began its expansion into other states and retail storefronts. In its first year, LITTO has expanded throughout California and Oklahoma to be found today on shelves at over 100 dispensaries and 80 delivery services.

The new generation LITTO Disposable Vape is currently available for purchase at licensed retailers across California and with delivery services. For wholesale purchasers, these updated devices are also available for purchase. 

Email and best contact for wholesale inquiries: high@itslitto.com

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