Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Mirayo by Santana Enters The Hash Rosin Gummy Arena


Mirayo by Santana is a sun-grown line that honors the spiritual and ancient Latin heritage of cannabis. Mirayo was created in partnership with cannabis activist and 10-time GRAMMY award-winning guitarist Carlos Santana. Santana centers spirituality in his brand by empowering consumers to utilize cannabis to access realms of higher consciousness.

Miyaro by Santana dropped its Hash Rosin Gummies.

The brand has a flavorful lineup of flower, including pre-roll packs and seven-gram jars, that arrived in 2020. Popular cultivars from the Mirayo offerings include Blue Dream, Durban Poison, Lava Cake, and more. The pre-roll packs are named by their given effects: sativa is ‘Radiance’, hybrid is called ‘Symmetry,’ and indica is ‘Centered.’

Mirayo by Santana is now expanding its lineup to the popular product field of hash edibles. Mirayo just launched its brand-new solventless hash rosin gummies in May of 2023 to the California marketplace. The artisanal, potent new edible offering is also wild and packed with flavor. The gummy shape is an homage to the sacred heart, a symbol with deep meaning to Santana. The new hash gummies come in 3 varieties of “consciousness,” as spirituality is a huge component of the cannabis experience for Santana.

The Mirayo team says these new gummies are perfect for enhancing meditative reflection, sensual perception, or creative expression. The Raspberry flavor allows consumers the ability to “expand energy outward, reach for divine wisdom and inspire creative expression.” Guava will offer the effect of, “harmonizing the inward and outward, mind and body, for elevated perception.” And its final new product flavor Prickly Pear invites consumers to, “draw your consciousness toward inner peace, insightful stillness, and transcendence of the physical state.”

Mirayo by Santana may expand into other marketplaces in the future. Mirayo by Santana is a sun-grown cannabis line from Santana and The Parent Co., a powerful omnichannel cannabis company with a footprint spanning cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, distribution, brands, retail and delivery.

Follow the brand on Instagram. Mirayo by Santana’s email and best contact for wholesale inquiries: partners@theparent.co

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