Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Puffco Celebrates Its 10th Year With New Peak Pro


The award-winning brand Puffco announced its 10th year of vape tech innovation with a newly-redesigned Peak Pro. The new Peak Pro is the latest version of the brand’s flagship device but juiced up with all the amenities.

New features on the Peak Pro include a joystick carb cap and improved percolated interior glass. Every Peak Pro comes with a patented 3D Chamber, so it’s the overall best experience for each consumer right out of the box. The new Peak Pro displays sleek, curvy lines on the sides and comes in two stylish colors: Pearl and Onyx. Updates to the Puffco Connect app include some fun new features like Advanced Metrics and Vapor Control.

“Since Day One, our goal has been to make concentrates more accessible to everyone by creating safer, high-quality devices that give customers an unparalleled experience; it’s incredible to see that mission reaching people all over the world today,” says CEO and Founder of Puffco Roger Volodarsky. “With the new Peak Pro, we are giving people that elevated experience in performance, design and technology right out of the box.”

This launch arrived for Puffco SMS subscribers on Tuesday, June 6, and for everyone on Thursday, June 8, 2023. This marks the first international same-day launch for the Puffco team which can be found on shelves in 30 countries. Available for Puffco SMS subscribers today, June 6, and to the general public on June 8, the new Peak Pro ($420). Another perk? The Peak Pro now comes with a two-year warranty.

“When we released the Peak Pro back in 2020, we wanted to introduce a higher level of customization from the original Peak so that each user had the control to dial in on the exact temperature and experience they’re looking for,” says Volodarsky. “With the evolution of hash, like Piattella, over the last couple of years, along with the changes we’ve seen in tech, we decided to level up our flagship device to continue innovating and redefining hash consumption.”

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