Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Roilty Changes The Game With Its Live Resin Duo Pack


Canadian darling concentrate brand Roilty was founded in 2021 by CannMart Inc. They’re a connoisseurs brand and it shows, created from the ground up by the CannMart extraction team, product, and brand management team. While the brand didn’t yet exist pre-legalization, Roilty was created by legacy hearts and hands who moved over to the legal market from Canada’s traditional market.

The brand is well-known for its shatter, live resin, diamonds, sauce, and vapes that are on shelves both individually and in multi-packs across Canada. Roilty announces its brand new Live Resin Duo Pack in Priest’s Punch & Roil Purple Berry, each a half-gram worth of concentrate per flavor. The unique offering from Roilty is one of the only Live Resin Multi-Packs on the market in Canada. Roitly’s new live resin duo pack is now available across Ontario with sights set on expansion into other provinces.

“This product was launched to offer consumers more variety in our products and introduce more strains for them to trail from our portfolio,” the Roilty team tells Hall of Flowers in advance of their appearance at our Toronto 2023 trade show. The product SKU has been a huge success in Ontario where it was launched.

Flavors and new cultivars are always rotating and evolving in Roilty’s product line. The Roilty team drops several different categories of concentrates in the same duo-pack format, again, bringing variety and quality to consumers across Canada. As our readers know, cannabis variety is the spice of life. Strains you’ll find on shelves from the Roilty team include The Mountain Kush, The Barron’s Bananas, Squire’s Skunk, Hawaiian Thunder Queen, and more.

The timing of the release was really aligned with the brand’s internal product pipeline, they tell us. “We had achieved great success listing in the provinces in different concentrate categories as single SKUs and wanted to take a calculated risk with offering a multi-pack,” the Roilty team says. The multi-pack format was a risk because it had not been tested on consumers, “as they were not popular in the industry yet in Canada.” The risk has paid off. Roilty is now paving the way for innovative live resin offerings, expanding the consumers’ palette.

The brand is currently available in every province in Canada (except for QC, NFLD & NS), and in roughly 55% of stores.

Email and best contact for wholesale inquiries: jessica.m@cannmart.com

Aristocratic Apple, a cultivar grown by Roilty and CannMart Inc.
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