Wednesday, September 27, 2023

G Pen Launches The G Pen Dash+ Dry Cannabis Vaporizer


Grenco Science, the creators of the popular hand-held cannabis vaporizer G Pen, is launching the G Pen Dash+. The updated version of the brand’s signature dry herb vaporizer is enhanced with hybrid heating, precise temperature control, and a full-color LCD display. The Dash+ is the only vaporizer of its kind on the market featuring this technology at such an accessible price point.

“At the heart of our mission is a relentless pursuit of excellence, and today, we proudly unveil Dash+, a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation,” says CEO Christopher Folkerts. “With Dash+, we have harnessed the power of our iconic Dash design and combined it with the groundbreaking features of our flagship Elite II, creating a truly remarkable cannabis vaporizer.”

The new G Pen Dash + Launches on 7/10/2023.

What sets the Dash + apart from its predecessors? “This device showcases the perfect harmony of conduction and convection heating, ensuring unparalleled flavor and vapor production from your favorite dry herb,” the CEO says. You’ll find a magnetic mouthpiece along with new customizable temperature controls.

With its sleek exterior and new USB-C charging option, Dash+ invites consumers to embark on a newly elevated and hyper-personalized weed vaping experience. G Pen’s ultimate goal? “To redefine the boundaries of cannabis vaporization and empower you to savor every moment, one inhale at a time,” says Folkerts.

The G Pen Dash + is the newest flagship herb vape from G Pen.

G Pen was founded by Chris Folkerts in 2012. The brand evolved over a decade to become a leader in engineering advanced cannabis vaporizers. Folkerts and the G Pen team continue to develop new standards in vape aesthetics, functionality, and consumer experience. Through proprietary research and development, as well as collaborations with influencers in music, art, and fashion, G Pen is transforming the cannabis experience and leading the movement to bring cannabis traditions to the 21st century. 

The G Pen Dash + launches across the country on July 10, 2023.

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