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Get Higher With Unique Cultivars From Soar Cannabis


The popular Canadian cannabis cultivator Soar is producing fire up North. Soar’s flower is grown in smaller batches, hand-harvested, hang-dried, and hand-detailed. Its cultivars are thoughtfully selected and tended to based on the expression of their distinctive aroma and flavor profiles. Each strain is thoroughly reviewed by Soar’s cultivation team and assigned to a unique aroma collection.

Genetics are chosen specifically for their exotic or unique characteristics. Soar cultivars are presented through the brand’s aroma collections. Based on the expression of its cultivars and their distinctive scent profiles, each strain is thoroughly reviewed and assigned to one of these four aroma collections: citrus, cake, fruit or gas. “While the aroma is only one element, we believe it plays an important role in understanding the cultivar and potential experience,” the Soar team tells Hall of Flowers.

Soar Cannabis is selective and disciplined in its process. The cannabis from Soar is carefully sorted to ensure only the best buds make it through to the consumer. The brand’s flower-focused product lineup includes cannabis in quarter-form, 7 grams, as well as its popular, cultivar-specific 1-gram pre-rolls. Here are three unique new strains consumers will find from Soar this summer in provinces across Canada.

Pineapple God

High-THC indica-leaning Pineapple God is one of Soar’s fruit-aroma cultivars. This plant offers stacked colas of sticky green, pink, and purple buds with exotic aromas of tropical fruit from the dominant terpenes: caryophyllene and humulene. Pineapple God was bred using the potent genetics of God Bud crossed with aromatic Black Cherry Punch. Adults in Canada will find Pineapple God available and currently on shelves in both 7-gram whole flower and 1-gram pre-roll formats. 

Alien Fuel

Part of Soar’s citrus aroma collection, Alien Fuel offers a potent, hybrid cultivar with an attractive pale green flower with purple tips, frosty buds with short bright orange hairs. A cross of high-octane Jet Fuel Gelato and the potent Pacific Northwest genetic MAC 1, its flowers deliver a balance of citrus and herbal aromas from the dominant terpenes of caryophyllene and linalool. Alien Fuel is now available in both 7-gram flower and 1-gram pre-rolls.

Electric Grapefruit

Electric Grapefruit is one of Soar’s select strains belonging to the citrus aroma collection. The plant produces stunning, twisted colas of dark green buds laced with sparkling trichomes. It is a cross of the legendary Acapulco Gold and Grapefruit Tangie. Acapulco gold is known not only for its classic aromas of citrus, herbs, and pine but also for its golden coloration, which is on full display with Electric Grapefruit. Combined with Grapefruit Tangie’s sweet citrus flavors, Electric Grapefruit offers the one-two punch of two classic citrus-forward strains in one sweet package. This strain is coming soon in 7-gram flower and 1-gram pre-roll formats. 

Pineapple God and Alien Fuel are available now in select Provinces across Canada. Electric Grapefruit quarters are launching this summer, followed by 1-gram pre-rolls in Fall 2023.

Soar is currently available in select provinces across Canada.

Email and best contact for wholesale inquiries: info@soarcannabis.com

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