Tuesday, October 3, 2023

A Golden State Announces Limited-Run Collab Mini Joints With Sweet Flower


Two prized cannabis companies have teamed up on a limited-edition strain in mini pre-roll form. A Golden State and Sweet Flower rolled up a new cultivar called Sweet Flower into a 5-pack of pre-rolls tucked inside sleek, white and gold metal tins. It’s the very first collaboration of its kind for the award-winning cultivators at A Golden State.

New pre-roll packs from A Golden State x Sweet Flower.

This sativa cultivar’s diesel-y, deep gas notes mix with cream cheese, lemon tart, and honey flavor profiles. Sweet Flower is a cross between A Golden State’s Lava Flower and Honey Flower. Its dominant terpenes are myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, and pinene. The pre-rolls are hand-finished and wrapped in organic, smooth hemp papers. They’re perfect for individual sessions with dogwalker-sized joints containing .3 grams of cannabis each. Sweet Flower offers a sultry, relaxing physical effect alongside a buzzing, creative mental high. The strain is ideal for consumers who seek “an imaginative burst and escape from reality,” A Golden State team says.

Founded in 2019, A Golden State was launched in the Cascade Mountains region of Northern California by CEO and Co-Founder Nishant Reddy and Rob “Bear” Masterson, Chief of Cultivation and Co-Founder. The brand has built an empire of unique genetics. A Golden State is on shelves in over 100 shops across California. Its wildly inventive terpene profiles have built A Golden State’s loyal following. The brand had a very strong showing at our Santa Rosa 2023 trade show, dropping a new strain Mountain Shadows in conjunction with the show. A Golden State also dropped its first live rosin vape pen to buyer fanfare.

A Golden State’s Lava Flower just placed 2nd at the High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup. We asked the founding team at A Golden State if a secret sauce makes its cannabis plants thrive: “The care we give our plants is unparalleled,” says Masterson. “Each plant, whether in the vegetative stage or flowering stage, gets physically touched each and every day. This ensures consistent quality among batches and the plants get the exact amount of water and nutrients they need and crave.”

Reach out to sales@vantagepointdistro.com for sales inquiries.

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