Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Wacky Backy’s BUD Designer Art Toy Offers A New Way To Display Weed


There’s a new adult toy on the market named BUD. Just like your real-life buds, he has weed on his mind.

The unique limited-edition collectible toy BUD doubles as a display and storage for cannabis. This astronaut’s helmet is the display case and it is airtight, has a magnifying glass, and LED light to showcase the nug. Every drop will have a different colorway design, making each BUD one of a kind. In its inaugural drop, Wacky Backy produced only 1,000 pieces, signed and numbered. BUD’s creators say it’s poised to become the “Brearbrick of cannabis.” BUD’s counterpart, DOOBIE the dog, lands in 6 months.

BUD is a designer weed art toy made in limited-batch, with a display case for cannabis.

“My inspiration is high-end liquor,” says the Founder, artist, and Creative Director Rebeca Gilling. She says cannabis needs to be equally and proudly displayed in a home, akin to alcohol. “I wanted to create something special so that people feel proud to display their flower, and be a conversation starter,” she says. “This way, the stigma around cannabis that still lingers will start to dissipate.”

And why an astronaut? Gilling is, “obsessed with outer space.” Her work plays with the concept of puns and clichés. The funky and smoothly-designed toy is sold at high-end retail stores, aiming to break the barrier into the mainstream retail space. One chic retailer called The Webster even has a custom BUD covered in Rhinestones with their logo. Other retailers with the BUD on shelves include Patron of the New, Glottman Shops, museums, gift stores, sneaker stores, and dispensaries. The 10″ tall in matte vinyl BUD figure retails for $250.

Designer toy meets cannabis, BUD is a yet unseen way to display the headstash. BUD&DOOBIE is a bold, unapologetic, and highly collectible weed art toy in limited-edition drops. ​Rebeca Gilling, nicknamed Hurricane Becks by her close friends, is the quirky founder and creative director of Wacky Backy. The brand is funny, filter(less), full of energy, and centers on a love and appreciation for art, animals, and outer space. BUD was founded in Miami aka the Magic City. “BUD has landed and is taking over Planet Earth,” the artist says.

BUD is currently available for wholesale and brand collabs. The email and best contact for wholesale inquiries: wackybacky.info@gmail.com

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