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Respect My Region Launches RMR Legacy Smalls Dedication OG In California


Cannabis media and lifestyle organization Respect My Region is now selling packs. Born in the Pacific Northwest in 2011, Respect My Region was founded by Mitch Pfeifer. Joey Brabo came on as a partner/co-owner a few years after the brand’s founding. Its RMR Legacy Smalls products are currently available in the Washington State and California recreational markets in over 30 dispensaries and delivery platforms.

Dedication OG is the brand’s new staple strain: a cross between Master Kush and Early Girl. It’s available in eighths, quarters, and half-ounce units. Dedication OG is only available in California, for now. Respect My Region founders Pfeifer and Brabo both love classic OG Kush cultivars. The duo were inspired by Nipsey Hussle to create their own product utilizing this classic strain. Brabo searched some of his favorite California cultivators to find an OG that meets the company’s standards in taste, potency, and smell.

Legacy Smalls from Respect My Region offer up Dedication OG to the California market.

“Dedication OG is named after one of our favorite Hip-Hop records from the late Nipsey Hussle,” the RMR founding team tells Hall of Flowers. Consumers will get sweet-smelling nugs packed with an infusion of spicy, pungent diesel and savory, earthy, and herbal flavor notes. Nugs may smell slightly chemy and reek of pungent earth and diesel. Effects may produce a creeping high that starts with a light head high before melting your body away, as most OG’s do.

The organization began as a clothing company that threw hip-hop events all funded by the commerce of cannabis. When recreational cannabis sales started in Washington in 2016, the company was able to seamlessly transition its content, merch, and events into the weed space. RMR began releasing cannabis products in the market in 2022.

RMR’s Legacy Smalls are now on the market, available via wholesale and on dispensary shelves across the state. For sales inquiries, reach out to:

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