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Flavor Rules All At Cultivator-Founded Cannabis Brand Current


The cannabis brand Current grows distinctive genetics in small-batch with an eye for flavor and curation. It’s a brand truly founded by cultivators, born in the California desert of Black Lion, Desert Hot Springs. The indoor-grown cannabis from Current is made accessible to consumers in four different effects and flavors: Rare Gas, Rare Fruit, Rare Haze, and Rare Dessert. The growers focus on rich flavors and loud expressions over the marketing false dichotomy of Indica versus Sativa. This adds value to the consumer.

During research and development, each cultivar is assigned to one of Current’s flavor classes based on its dominant terpene, flavors, effects, and genetic lineage. These classic flavor profiles are, as the Current team tells Hall of Flowers, “where terps meet experience.” Experience notes on every package offer consumers more education on the cultivar, its lineage, terpenes, effects, cannabinoids, and even its species. Current’s premium eighths are available across California at an MSRP of $42.

Get to know more about each class from Current:

Rare Gas

Cultivar: OG

For the ones seeking rich flavor in their flower, this quality indoor cross of Biscotti x Sherbet x Jealousy is a throwback to the days when OG’s ruled the world. Classic OG terps are enhanced by a slight nuttiness with a sour backend that is tasty to the end. Cerebral out of the gates, this slow-building hybrid will lead you to a cozy chair to enjoy its warm blanket of a body high. Savor the smoke.

  • Classic OG Nose, Sour + Nutty Flavors
  • Slow, Warm & Balanced Effects
  • Myrcene + Caryophyllene
  • Hybrid | Rare Gas Flavor Class

Rare Fruit

Cultivar: Super Boof

For the ones seeking rich flavor in their flower, this quality indoor cross of Tropicanna Cookies x Black Cherry Punch grabs the nose with its distinct grapefruit terps. Complex bitter and sweet notes build on the pulpy citrus flavors and transition perfectly through the smoke. Strong and immediate, you’ll be delighted that the relaxing and refreshing effects won’t put you down for the count. Savor the smoke.

Flavor profile:

  • Grapefruit Pulp, Bittersweet
  • Immediate, Relaxing, Refreshing
  • Caryophyllene + Myrcene
  • Indica Dominant | Rare Fruit Flavor Class

Rare Haze

Cultivar: Citrus Tsunami

For the ones seeking rich flavor in their flower, this quality indoor cross of Orange Zkittlez x Tropicanna Cookies is a fresh squeeze of hazy citrus terps. Terpinolene heavy, this sativa dominant strain’s bright citrus flavors are balanced by musky herbal notes. Break out the to-do list with uplifting and productive effects that’ll have you checking the last box before realizing you even broke a sweat. Savor the smoke.

Flavor profile:

  • Bright Citrus + Musky Herbs
  • Uplifting + Focused
  • Terpinolene + Linalool
  • Sativa Dominant | Rare Haze Flavor Class

Rare Dessert

Cultivar: Wedding Pie

For the ones seeking rich flavor in their flower, this quality indoor cross of Wedding Cake x Grape Pie’s genetics is as dessert as it gets. Sugary sweet and nutty dough terps finish with a peppery spice to round out these indulgent flavors. Clear out the schedule for some chill downtime with this indica-dominant treat. Savor the smoke.

Flavor profile:

  • Sweet + Peppery
  • Tranquil, Calming
  • Caryophyllene + Linalool
  • Indica Dominant | Rare Dessert Flavor Class
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