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De La Bo Reimagines Pre-Rolls With Its Terpene & Flavor-Forward Packs


De La Bō Cannabis hit shelves in California nearly two years ago. Its terpene and flavor-focused pre-roll packs are picking up steam in the bustling and connoisseur-driven consumer marketplace. The President of De La Bo, Michael Baranchuck, is a lifelong smoker, grower, and distributor who’s been in the industry for almost 30 years. This knowledge gives the De La Bo brand an edge. Baranchuck has a keen eye and nose for quality and his first priority in shopping for flower is a strong terpene profile.

De La Bo offers 100% full-flower prerolls with a focus on quality and flavor over all else. Its Northern California-grown cultivars are hand-selected and then blended into three distinct flavor profile product SKUs: Fuel, Sweet, and Earth. “We felt that in the preroll business, there is a lack of quality on the market and that the consumers were losing trust in prerolls,” says Baranchuck, “even though it’s one of the most popular and enjoyable ways to smoke cannabis.”

De La Bo prerolls packs offer consumers four different flavor profiles.

De La Bō’s name is inspired by the French phrase celebrating ‘the beauty of life.’ Beyond cannabis, the brand is expanding its lifestyle portfolio. “We are also releasing some amazing apparel later this month as well as a whole new product line in the beginning of 2024,” says Baranchuck.

The brand is not chasing the latest trends but is focused on offering consumers a lifestyle brand that stays true to the cannabis community and the owners’ authenticity. De La Bo is extremely detail-oriented in its production. The brand’s founders work tirelessly to make every aspect of the smoking experience the best that it can be. From the product itself, the packaging, marketing, social media, and when it reaches consumers’ hands.

The Sweet varietals from De La Bo offer dessert-forward strains.

“I would describe our brand as mindful and most importantly, inclusive. These are ideals that are important to us,” says De La Bo’s Baranchuck. De La Bo was ideated in the Bay Area near the end of 2016. The brand spent the next couple of years designing the products and perfecting its sleek packaging, applying for licenses, and acquiring a company warehouse. After surviving the impossible odds of COVID, the brand opened its doors to the headquarters in 2021. De La Bo found itself on the shelves of California’s adult-use cannabis market by the end of 2021. De La Bo is currently in 45 retailers throughout the state—from Santa Rosa all the way to San Diego.

For wholesale inquiries and to find out more about the brand, reach out to: Follow the brand on Instagram to see its latest drops.

The preroll packs from De La Bo come with 6 joints per pack.
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