Saturday, December 9, 2023


10 Key Takeaways On The International Cannabis Market From Spannabis

Cannabis consumers, growers, and internationally-known brands showed out at the 19th annual Spannabis, a hemp and weed trade show that takes place in Barcelona, Spain. Hash makers from Spain, Germany, and Colombia were smoking...

Cookies Founder Berner Offers Advice For Cannabis Entrepreneurs

"There are literally 174 favors in this building right now," Berner says of his R&D process for his cannabis brand Cookies.

10 Tips On Maximizing The Retail Experience With Chris Colón, CEO of Highway Cannabis

"My advice to any brand or company that wants to survive the long haul is to make sure you are listening to the needs and wants of the customer," says Highway Cannabis CEO Chris Colón.

10 More Tips From Budtenders To Brands On What Sells 

The budtender plays a critical role in the retail ecosystem. The very last line of defense representing your cannabis brand, and the very first gatekeeper to the magical legal cannabis product world for the...

How To Protect Your Cannabis Business From Counterfeits

Cannabis counterfeiting is out of control. Through counterfeit products and packaging, the unlicensed market is capitalizing on the success of the licensed market and its hard-fought brand building and product recognition. The result? Another...

Ask A Budtender – 10 Tips To Brands On What Sells

Budtenders hold key insight into how brands can effectively capitalize on the retail experience. More than simply witnessing trends, they are communicating with consumers daily to inform, educate, and most important, impact what is...

10 Tips On Standing Out To Buyers at Hall of Flowers

Here are 10 tips from buyers to brands for ways to stand out among the competition.

The Hall Of Flowers Equity Grant Actually Works For Small Businesses. Here’s Why.

Hall of Flowers’ Equity Grant Program is uniquely positioned to genuinely help new businesses who are awarded it. Not only do they get to connect with the leading buyers and retail storefront owners in the industry, but they get a platform of multimedia, social, and editorial support to share their brand’s story with the world. It’s unlike any other grant in the industry, and that’s because it shows actionable benefits to both the buyer and the brand.

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