Saturday, December 9, 2023

Craft Farms

Sun-Grown Cannabis Farm The Bohemian Chemist Drops Spiritus Mundi

Inspired by the free-spirited 1920s, the pair developed a cannabis brand that reflects both the elegance and the maverick creativity of the time.

Breathe In Humboldt With Sunrise Mountain Farms

Sunrise Mountain Farms produces small-batch, sun-grown cannabis that harmoniously synthesizes earth-friendly growing practices that support the wellness of the earth.

Champion Of Sun-Grown Farmers, Meet Green Gift Gardens

"Seeing cannabis as a gift was easy. This much-misunderstood plant medicine was truly a gift to our family, to our community, and to the planet."

Mendocino’s WildLand Cannabis Drops Mountain Moon Cake

"Our target audience is people who are looking for a true connoisseur smoking experience from a legacy farm and those who care about how and where their cannabis is grown," says WildLand's founders.

Everything You Need To Know About The Hall of Flowers Small Cannabis Farmers Initiative and Equity Grant

Big news: Small, licensed, outdoor, and light dep Equity-designated cannabis farmers in California can now access the Hall of Flowers Equity Grant. Today’s cannabis industry was built on the backs of legacy farmers and People...

Humboldt-Born Saffy THC Celebrates Family And Legacy In Its Flower

Saffy THC is a Humboldt County-born cannabis brand that also happens to be the very first Black-owned and Jamaican-owned cannabis equity brand in the legendary county. Oliver Small, the owner of Saffy THC, is passionate...

Aster Farms Launches Sour Diesel Pre-Roll Pack Collab With NYC’s The Flower Shop

Aster Farms co-founder Julia Jacobson talks openly about using cannabis for her own medical well-being, for chronic migraine. Alongside her partner Sam Ludwig, the duo runs a beautiful, small-scale sun-grown farm in Lake County.

Award-Winning, Regenerative Cannabis Farm Sun Roots Drops Magu’s Fruit

Sun Roots Farm is a regenerative cannabis farm founded in 2016 by Patricia Vargas and Forrest Gauder. Its sun-drenched outdoor farm is located in Round Valley, Covelo of Mendocino County, California. The company’s ethos celebrates its living soil, abundant with flowers, pollinators, vegetables, and other sacred herbs.

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