Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Northern California

Humboldt-Born Cannabis Brand Papa’s Herb Makes Good Weed Accessible To The Masses

Come to Papa. Papa's Herb was founded in Humboldt County, California in 2018. Papa's story began on the legacy market in Miami back in 1985, evolving over time from a beloved dealer to a...

Halara Offers Sleep Relief With New Cloud 9 Blend

Sleep tight with a brand-new proprietary blend of cannabinoids and terpenes in Cloud 9 from Halara.

Everything You Need To Know About After Dark by Gelato, The Official Hall Of Flowers 2023 After Party

Prepare to have your mind blown while blowing smoke at After Dark by Gelato, one of the most anticipated industry parties of the year happening exclusively at Hall of Flowers. This marks the first official after party Hall of Flowers has ever thrown in its hometown of Santa Rosa, California.

Oakland-Born, Infused Pre-Roll Brand California Rolls Is On A Roll

Crafting pre-rolls is an art form for California Rolls.

Sun-Grown Cannabis Farm The Bohemian Chemist Drops Spiritus Mundi

Inspired by the free-spirited 1920s, the pair developed a cannabis brand that reflects both the elegance and the maverick creativity of the time.

The Oakland Equity Collective Uplifts Cannabis Business Owners

The OEC's passion is to support equity brands to thrive every step of the way, from production to distribution.

Dope Flavors Is Building A New Cannabis Legacy

Founded in 2019, Dope Flavors is an equity brand challenging the false weed narrative of the past through justice advocacy and high-quality cannabis. Dope Flavors was founded by Steven Abundis and Joey Sayong, who...

Breathe In Humboldt With Sunrise Mountain Farms

Sunrise Mountain Farms produces small-batch, sun-grown cannabis that harmoniously synthesizes earth-friendly growing practices that support the wellness of the earth.

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