Wednesday, June 7, 2023


Rosin Tech Brings Hash Holes & Rosin Bar Vapes To Hall Of Flowers

Founded in 2015, Rosin Tech Labs is a leader in the solventless movement. This year, the award-winning concentrate kings are bringing two new product SKUs to the trade show.

Oakland-Born, Infused Pre-Roll Brand California Rolls Is On A Roll

Crafting pre-rolls is an art form for California Rolls.

Craft Cannabis Brand LOWD Drops Hash-Infused Prerolls

LOWD just announced the release of its premium, Artisan Hash Infused prerolls. LOWD's new prerolls offer a new mode for its top-shelf buds and strain-specific hash. The result is a unique flavor combination that...

710 Labs Introduces Preroll Joint Pack With Artist Spacebrat

“We think our doinks are a way to bring a high-quality, hand-rolled cannabis experience without machines to anyone who may not have the time or skill to roll them on their own.”

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