Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Social Equity

Oakland-Born, Infused Pre-Roll Brand California Rolls Is On A Roll

Crafting pre-rolls is an art form for California Rolls.

The Oakland Equity Collective Uplifts Cannabis Business Owners

The OEC's passion is to support equity brands to thrive every step of the way, from production to distribution.

Dakota West Coast Rises From The Ashes

"No matter where you come from, you can be a boss and not just a consumer," says Iowa Robinson.

Dope Flavors Is Building A New Cannabis Legacy

Founded in 2019, Dope Flavors is an equity brand challenging the false weed narrative of the past through justice advocacy and high-quality cannabis. Dope Flavors was founded by Steven Abundis and Joey Sayong, who...

Breathe In Humboldt With Sunrise Mountain Farms

Sunrise Mountain Farms produces small-batch, sun-grown cannabis that harmoniously synthesizes earth-friendly growing practices that support the wellness of the earth.

Award-Winning Bush Family Farms Has Been Growing For 40 Years

Bush Family Farms is social equity designated in Mendocino County, one of the very few minority-owned licensed farms in the legendary county known over the world for its pristine cannabis-growing environment.

Sacramento-Born Pretty & Posh Offers An Elevated Feminine Cannabis Brand

The cannabis industry has long catered to the male consumer. This creates a market gap, as women make up 48% of weed buyers today. Pretty & Posh is a Sacramento-born social equity cannabis company...

The Hall Of Flowers Equity Grant Actually Works For Small Businesses. Here’s Why.

Hall of Flowers’ Equity Grant Program is uniquely positioned to genuinely help new businesses who are awarded it. Not only do they get to connect with the leading buyers and retail storefront owners in the industry, but they get a platform of multimedia, social, and editorial support to share their brand’s story with the world. It’s unlike any other grant in the industry, and that’s because it shows actionable benefits to both the buyer and the brand.

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