Tuesday, October 3, 2023


Zyre Offers A Best-Selling, Full-Spectrum Vape to British Colombia & Ontario

2023 has been a productive year for Zyre. Zyre has quickly risen among vapes in the industry to become one of BC’s top-selling, full-spectrum offerings. With Zyre, its founder and CEO Audrey Wong decided...

G Pen Launches The G Pen Dash+ Dry Cannabis Vaporizer

Grenco Science, the creators of the popular hand-held cannabis vaporizer G Pen, is launching the G Pen Dash+. The updated version of the brand's signature dry herb vaporizer is enhanced with hybrid heating, precise...

LITTO Drops The Second Generation Of Its High-Tech Disposable Vape

The never-before-seen second-generation LITTO device has fine-tuned its features to create a more potent consumer experience on every inhale

Halara Offers Sleep Relief With New Cloud 9 Blend

Sleep tight with a brand-new proprietary blend of cannabinoids and terpenes in Cloud 9 from Halara.

Dime Industries Drops Limited-Edition Pink Lemon Haze Live Resin

Since 2016, Dime Industries has become a leading and trusted source of clean and potent cannabis concentrates using its proprietary, state-of-the-art technology. Dime’s resulting products and hardware are now award-winning, offering consumers an unparalleled...

Focus V Innovates The World Of Digital Dabbing With The Carta

Founded in 2018, Focus V merges modern consumer needs with emerging technology. Rooted in California, Focus V products drop ship from the company’s DTC website focusv.com to anywhere in the United States.

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