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Blazin Scoop’s Churns Old-Fashioned, Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream in LA


Meet the creamy, decadent, and highly potent Blazin Scoop’s, a female-founded cannabis-infused ice cream brand taking California by storm. Founded by Catrina Washington in 2017, the consumer-friendly Blazin Scoop’s is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The founder says she looks forward to expanding the Blazin Scoop’s footprint across Southern California and into the Las Vegas, Nevada, marketplace in the future.

Old-fashioned ice cream has never been made like this—potently medicated with cannabis, offering consumers quick, powerful and relaxing effects. Slowly churned in a wooden bucket filled with ice and salt with a handle that rotates, this ain’t your mom’s ice cream. Each container is handmade with 200 milligrams of cannabis and love. The brand’s target audience consists of adult consumers and medical cannabis patients who love rich, delicious ice cream, and those who have been looking for a different edible experience.

The edible lineup from LA-based ice cream brand Blazin Scoop’s.

The reason Blazin Scoop’s lineup of 15 different ice cream flavors is unique is it’s made from scratch with an unbelievably fast onset time. “We use our own base for the ice cream. We do not use cannabutter, oil, tincture, wax or rosin,” the brand’s founder tells Hall of Flowers. “It’s truly something new that we created that is not on the market.”    

Pictured are two of Blazin Scoop’s most popular flavors of ice cream: Strawberry Cake Crunch and Apple Me Over, an homage to apple pie à la mode. The founder says these are consistent “crowd favorites,” both containing real fruit and crumbling toppings. The 10-ounce jars of ice cream are dosed at 200 milligrams of THC each and they hit. The brand even sells mini waffle cones to pair with the ice cream, dosed at 45 milligrams. Flavors include Salted Caramel, Rocky Road, Butter Pecan, Blue Dragon, and Peach Cobbler, among other seasonal variations.

Apple Pie Ice Cream, infused with cannabis, from the minds at Blazin Scoop’s.

Blazin Scoop’s decided to launch this product for consumers seeking a potent high, and for those who may use cannabis for pain, relaxation, and sleep. The brand wants to break down the false stigma edibles have of having a long onset time, therefore making them hard for consumers to dose in the past. “Everyone is used to the experience of taking an edible and then being overwhelmed by how hard the effect is,” says the founder. “Also it used to take about 30 to 40 minutes for an edible to hit you. We didn’t like it when it would happen to us, so we created a product that will take effect in 5 to 10 minutes and will give you a high similar to smoking cannabis.”

Blazin Scoop’s products are now available DTC on its website and the brand is currently expanding its offerings for wholesale buyers. For sale inquiries and more information, reach out to: Find out more about Blazin Scoop’s, including event appearances, on Instagram and YouTube.

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