Wednesday, June 7, 2023


At A Golden State, Unique Genetics Are King

Out of thousands of cultivars, less than 1% of strains meet A Golden State's rigorous 7-step process.

Cookies Founder Berner Offers Advice For Cannabis Entrepreneurs

"There are literally 174 favors in this building right now," Berner says of his R&D process for his cannabis brand Cookies.

Beard Bros Pharms Talks Cultivation & Curation

The Beard Bros combine an old-school love for the written word and a strong-rooted connection to cultivation to provide the community with some of the most authentic cannabis commentary available - period. Coming from...

We Asked A Retail Buyer: What Are You Looking For In 2023?

"Consumers are showing a strong preference for cannabis brands that prioritize transparency about ingredients, sourcing, sustainability, and ethical practices," says Waxdeck.

The Boston Garden Dispensary Showcases The Best Of New England Cannabis

Read an exclusive interview with The Boston Garden's Co-Founder Jonathan Tucker and Creative Director Sasha Kadey.

Winning With Results – Q&A with Sonia Hendrix, Founder of Gallery PR

We spoke with PR maven Sonia Hendrix, founder of Gallery PR based in New York City, about her career path that lead to cannabis, advice for other media members in the space, and getting...

How To Protect Your Cannabis Business From Counterfeits

Cannabis counterfeiting is out of control. Through counterfeit products and packaging, the unlicensed market is capitalizing on the success of the licensed market and its hard-fought brand building and product recognition. The result? Another...

Latina-Owned Rich&Rose Honors Women In Cannabis

Rich&Rose is a Latina-owned and operated cannabis company. The father and daughter duo of Co-Founders Joshua Rich and Isabella Rich carry on their family’s agricultural legacy with Rich&Rose. CEO and Co-Founder Isabella Rich was born...

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