Saturday, December 9, 2023

Puffco Celebrates Hash Consumers, Unveils New Limited-Edition Colorways


Puffco is dropping new versions, including a limited series of wild new colorways, for three of its top-selling cannabis vape tech products: the Proxy and the Peak Pro, and the tech brand’s first-ever handheld vape called the Plus.

Bloom is the light purple limited-edition Proxy, a modular vape device that Puffco dropped in 2022. The Proxy vape can be utilized in any glass component, with shapes as unlimited as glass and glass artists themselves. The new Proxy Bloom colorway is feminine and floral, reminiscent of periwinkle, a rare color to find from the brand. Its Peak Pro Desert, in a light gold and shimmering beige, is the second limited-edition drop consumers will find on the company’s website beginning Thursday, October 20, 2023.

The Puffco Proxy Bloom is now available through the Puffco website and at select retailers internationally.

“This has to be easily the most beautiful colorway we’ve ever done,” says Roger Volodarsky, CEO and founder of Puffco, of the Bloom variation. It’s the first colored glass drop for the Proxy.

The two limited edition colors aren’t the only new editions from th brand. Puffco is also offering a reimagined take on its oldest, award-winning flagship product: The Plus. It’s a souped-up 510 thread vape that offers consumers a vape for universal cannabis cartridges and as well as a load-your-own device for concentrates. Small and mighty, it is truly among the most reliable and multifaceted cannabis tech on the market.

Following its original launch as Puffco’s first-ever product to hit the market back in 2013, the company has leveled up its OG portable dab pen so exploring the world of concentrates has never been easier. Ten years later, the new Puffco Plus is going to be available beginning on October 24, 2023. The new Plus will come with a patented loading tool, splash guard, and carb cap ceramic mouthpiece. The New Plus Chamber is made from ceramic for easy cleaning and full flavor—made without coils, glues, or fibers. The Plus Battery doubles as a 510 battery that offers three precision heat settings with one button: Blue (Low), Green (Medium), White (High). It also offers Sesh Mode, a heat cycle that runs for twelve seconds without having to hold the button down. 

The pen works well for both connoisseurs and newcomers alike. Cannabis tech company Puffco recently celebrated its 10th year with a Puffcon for the ages. The brand focuses on community in its offerings. The brand pulled off a monumental event at Puffcon 2023 with an impressive on-floor consumer presence, which brought in 6,000 avid consumers.

“The mission of Puffcon started as a way to show appreciation to the Puffco community,” says Kevin Chapman, Director of Events at Puffco. “It’s grown to become so much more. It’s a safe space where our community can come together to celebrate hash and the culture.”

The niche of hash is often full of highly educated cannabis connoisseurs, and a valuable consumer base to tap into. Puffcon offers proof that there’s money in the sector. “I don’t think there’s a platform more important for the hash community,” says Ashhok, Nevada and Humboldt County-based cannabis farmer and co-founder of Guru Cannabis Co. “This is like Apple throwing a party for iPhone users.”

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