Tuesday, October 3, 2023


WYLD Reflects On Sustainable Cannabis, Brand Triumphs, and Its History At Hall of Flowers

Founded in 2015, Wyld has built an empire of cannabis edibles in North America.

Here’s What Jobs In Cannabis Pay, According To The Vangst Salary Guide

Here's what 50 of the top careers in cannabis pay.

Cannabis Brand Stiiizy Expands Retail Footprint, Opens 32nd Store In California

The grand opening of Stiiizy's 32nd retail cannabis storefront in Oxnard, Ventura County, welcomed thousands of consumers.

Canadian Retailer Pop’s Cannabis Gives Advice To Brands In Ever-Evolving Sector

"While many guests still prioritize high THC content at a low price, we have seen a change as we educate them about finding the best product that suits their preferences," says Ryan Dymond, President of Pop's Cannabis.

10 Tips On Maximizing The Retail Experience With Chris Colón, CEO of Highway Cannabis

"My advice to any brand or company that wants to survive the long haul is to make sure you are listening to the needs and wants of the customer," says Highway Cannabis CEO Chris Colón.

We Asked A Retail Buyer: What Are You Looking For In 2023?

"Consumers are showing a strong preference for cannabis brands that prioritize transparency about ingredients, sourcing, sustainability, and ethical practices," says Waxdeck.

10 More Tips From Budtenders To Brands On What Sells 

The budtender plays a critical role in the retail ecosystem. The very last line of defense representing your cannabis brand, and the very first gatekeeper to the magical legal cannabis product world for the...

Ask A Budtender – 10 Tips To Brands On What Sells

Budtenders hold key insight into how brands can effectively capitalize on the retail experience. More than simply witnessing trends, they are communicating with consumers daily to inform, educate, and most important, impact what is...

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