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California’s Friendly Brand Is A Pioneer In Liquid Live Resin Vape Cartridges


Friendly Brand, the iconic, self-funded, legacy cannabis company, launched California’s first 100% Liquid Live resin cartridge to the market in 2017. Centering original, true-to-the-strain terpenes, the brand’s unique vape offerings are made with cannabis as nature intended.

As pioneers of the Liquid Live cartridge, Friendly Brand believes the market needs a consistent, reliable, full-spectrum brand that consumers can trust. Friendly Brand co-founders Darrin Gatto and Chaz Smith have a combined 30+ years of experience working in cannabis. They’re leading the charge and setting a high bar for industry standards through TRUSPECTRUM (true to the strain) cannabis products.

The brand’s ethos and mission? Making the world a friendlier place through “fire, un-fucked with weed.” Friendly Brand’s cartridges are made using single-ingredient, 100% Liquid Live resin. Friendly Brand packaging and branding has evolved since its inception to offer the consumer a deeper connection with the brand and the farms they work with.

Their devotion to crafting the best products in the market without cutting corners is embodied through the entire Friendly brand experience. “While the California market is flooded with low-quality distillates and blends that claim to be live resin, Friendly Brand is keeping it real,” their team says.

“At Friendly, we believe in being transparent about our sourcing and processes by shining a light on our hard-working farmers. The work of the farm shines through in each of our products, so we decided to put them on the package to show our customers what amazing genetics and cannabis we are bringing to them.”

Friendly Brand Liquid Live cartridges are the very first 100% live resin cartridges in California’s market. As pioneers in the live resin space, the brand’s meticulous crafting and curating of live resin has enabled them to perfect their process. Above all, Friendly Brand has an unwavering commitment to quality. Friendly Brand carts are always just one ingredient, with no additives or artificial flavorings.

Friendly Brand products are available to the entire state of California for quick delivery to retail storefronts or on direct-to-consumer platforms. “We center our vision around the human experience,” the Friendly Brand founders tell Hall of Flowers. “The things that make us laugh, spark joy, & make life worth living. We’re not a farm, we’re connoisseurs and curators working with the most legendary farmers in California to bring the best product to you; the people. We’re friends selling our friend’s weed.”

Stay tuned for a unique Friendly Brand collaboration with Clout Kings coming this year (there’s a sign up to be alerted when it drops on their website).

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