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Bathe In Weed With Award-Winning California Cannabis Brand OM


OM is one of the longest-running cannabis brands on the California market today. Leveling up since its inception as the OM Grown Collective in 2008, it’s grown into a topical and bath household name beloved by consumers across the state. Founded by Maya Elisabeth, OM was originally created under the medical cannabis provision called Prop 215. OM was awarded the first manufacturing in California under Prop 64. Today, it manufactures its unique, elevated, bath and body weed lineup with partner Cannacraft based out of Santa Rosa. 

In Northern California, the all-female Om Grown Collective grew to specialize in cannabis wellness and hydrotherapy. OM has amassed more than 40 awards for product excellence. Its founder tells Hall of Flowers she values quality over everything. Popular products from the brand include topicals Lion Balm, Love Balm, and Oils, alongside Tinctures, chocolate bars, and even more bath salts. OM launched a CBD arm to its business called OM Wellness, with similar offerings available across the country.

OM Bath Bombs are the flagship offering from the modern OM. You may recognize the OM bath bomb by its cannabis fan leaf embellishment that adorns the top. The brand invented its cannabis bath bomb in 2014 and brought the product SKU back to the legal market in 2021 by popular demand.

One of OM’s iconic cannabis bath bombs in Himalayan Kush.

Made with natural ingredients, each bath bomb contains 50 milligrams of full-spectrum cannabis, making them truly relaxing and powerful.  The product is currently available in 3 varieties: Sweet Dreams with CBN (lavender and vanilla), Himalayan Kush (Himalayan pink salt, sea salt, amber, and citrus oils- charged with rose quartz and fortified with 84 trace minerals), and Flower Power (gardenia, jasmine, honeysuckle). 

OM hints at 3 new flavors on the way for consumers to look forward to. Available in the California marketplace for now, the founder says she would love to expand to other states. “Om’s SOPs are completely dialed in,” says Elisabeth. “We’re just looking to partner with like-minded MSOs. We don’t compete with that many people.”

Maya Elisabeth told Forbes this year that more companies need to collaborate to live through this moment in the cannabis industry. “Cannabis is so unique,” she says. “It’s almost like people would rather suffer and go down alone, instead of speaking up and banding together.”

Email and best contact for wholesale inquiries: sales@omliving.com

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