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Pure Sunfarms’ Pink Kush Is Canada’s Top Selling Cannabis Flower


Pure Sunfarms, based out of the beautiful Fraser Valley in British Colombia, Canada, puts flower first in everything it does. Pure Sunfarms has become one of Canada’s most beloved flower producers and the largest, single-site, greenhouse-grown cannabis cultivator in the country. The brand is lauded for its BC bud, including the best-selling cultivar Pink Kush.

“To protect the integrity of our BC bud, our cultivation team of legacy growers and greenhouse experts have worked together to develop a cultivation process that involves carefully hand-harvesting, hang drying and hand-trimming each bud,” the Pure Sunfarms team tells Hall of Flowers ahead of a showing at HoF Toronto. “The result: frostier, more aromatic, terpene-rich BC bud, with a more natural shape.”

Pink Kush from Pure Sunfarms is the best selling flower in Canada.

Under the sun of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, the Pure Sunfarms team grows cannabis with a unique approach. They blend traditional greenhouse expertise with the real-world, hands-on knowledge of legacy grow practices. The pure, potent, aromatic cannabis that has made BC famous fills the Pure Sunfarms grow rooms. “The cannabis connects us to a lineage of growers who love plants just like we do,” says Pure Sunfarms. Pure Sunfarms has deep roots in cannabis cultivation in BC and a proven track record in modern greenhouse growing expertise.

Here are three of Pure Sunfarms’ favourite strains that they’re growing in the greenhouse right now:

Pink Kush

While Pure Sunfarms’ Pink Kush comes from legacy bud on Vancouver Island, its exact origins are a little hazy. Cultivation experts do know it is a relative of the legendary OG Kush. Strongly aromatic with high-THC potential, this 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid features aromas of white pepper, orange, butterscotch, coffee and earth. You might be familiar with it already, even if you don’t know it by name.  

In 2022, the brand’s Pink Kush was ranked as Canada’s top-selling dried flower.  

Area 51

Area 51 is a high-THC MAC 1 and Gas Cake cross with a 22-28% THC potency range. This hybrid strain takes the density, shape, and structure from MAC 1, but also its gas, citrus, and spicy herbal overtones. Gas Cake matches the gas notes and adds a sweet layer of juicy berries and a dusting of creamy vanilla. Its tight green buds feature deep purple tips layered in sugary trichomes. 

As a MAC-1 cross, the name is a nod to its lineage. Area 51 is also the name of a processing section of the Pure Sunfarms greenhouse facility.  


Knockout is one of the brand’s newest strains—a cross made from two popular, well-known legacy cuts, Face Off OG X Girl Scout Cookies. 

Pure Sunfarms has a tendency to pick strains that will thrive in its sunny greenhouse environment. Knockout is a great example of this. Under the care of the company’s expert growers and the BC sunshine, this indica strain consistently delivers. At Pure Sunfarms’ greenhouse, Knockout produces dense dark buds with aromas of earth, black pepper and raspberry.

“Growing is what we do and we want to celebrate that process through all the seasons of farming,” the Pure Sunfarms team says. The expansive Pure Sunfarms portfolio of products includes flower, pre-rolls, vapes, and edibles. They sell in nine provinces across Canada, and are available at over 2,000 retailers. All strains are in-market across Canada, availability varies by province. Ask your local retailer. 

Email and best contact for wholesale inquiries: hello@puresunfarms.com

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