Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Get To Know The Modern New Weed Vaporizer OOKA and seven9 Pods


OOKA and the new seven9 cannabis pods offer an innovative take on a modern hookah vaporizer. You may have seen this sleek new device on the trade show floor in an outdoor activation at Hall of Flowers Santa Rosa 2023. You may also recognize the OOKA from weed evangelist and rapper Wiz Khalifa, as his social posts display a smooth, massive amount of vapor coming from each seven9 pod inhale.

The OOKA and seven9 pod ecosystem offers the consumer the smoothest, most intuitive cannabis experience. It’s been likened to a sleek, modern “Nespresso of cannabis.” The OOKA pods aren’t filled with coffee but premium, whole cannabis flower in 5 different “moods” or varietals. Combining a special heat-not-burn technology with an intelligent design, an individual consumer or group of friends will share consistent and precise effects throughout their session.

The new OOKA vaporizers are tabletop hookahs, but for the modern stoner.

Best of all, OOKA’s pods allow its consumers to enjoy a 60-minute session, which means adults can gather together and savor the moment longer. The flavors you’ll find in its inaugural offering: Happy Hour, a high-THC testing Sativa-dominant; No Worries, a Hybrid strain offering with 6:1 CBD to THC; Zone In, a 3:1 CBD dominant Sativa; Just Vibe, a euphoric, high-THC Indica; and Get Zen, a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC in a balanced Indica.

OOKA and seven9 officially launched in May of this year, 2023, in Los Angeles, California. The device can be purchased online in California, and soon, anywhere in the United States. The cannabis pods are only available in California and can be ordered through OOKA’s direct-to-consumer website: OOKA x seven9 is launching a strain-specific live resin-infused line in July, as well as exciting brand collaborations later in the year. Email and best contact for wholesale inquiries:

The OOKA costs $349.00 and $18 for a 2-pack of hour-long seven9 pods.

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