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Have You Ever Tried Milled Cannabis Flower? Piper’s Punch Has Perfected It.


Piper’s Punch out of Prince Edward Island, Canada is a rare brand. Piper’s Punch offers consumers milled, mixed strain, effect-targeted cannabis flower in 7-gram packages. Each quarter highlights potency and flavor, with terpene-centered blends that seek to offer consumers decadent flavor profules. Piper’s Punch was founded in late 2022 in Prince Edward Island (PEI) by Canada’s Island Garden. 

The brand’s ideology and greatest ambition is to produce high-quality, high-THC, milled cannabis. Every Piper’s Punch product guarantees a potency of 20% THC or higher, which offers unparalleled consistency in experiences for its consumers. “That’s something we’ve been able to hang our hats on,” the Piper’s Punch team says.

Two of the best new product SKUs from Piper’s Punch include Tangria and Dank n’ Stormy. “When we initially conceptualized the Piper’s Punch brand, we saw an opportunity in a market that lacked potent milled cannabis products,” the team at Piper’s Punch tells Hall of Flowers ahead of an appearance at our Toronto trade show coming up on September 19-20, 2023. “There were also developing trends that favored milled products within certain consumer segments, such as those seeking convenience and flavor-seekers.” 

The team noticed that most competing products in the milled flower market were not high in THC, despite THC being the #1 purchase decision factor for consumers in Canada. “We felt that this was something that we wanted to strive for to cater to an underserviced market of people who love milled flower,” the Piper’s Punch team explains.

When it comes to the cultivation process, Piper’s Punch is meticulous in carefully assessing the terpene profiles of several different strains.  The goal of this tireless work is to combine strains with complimentary terpene profiles, which allows for a desired flavour profile alongside the coveted high THC values. Tangria and Dank n’ Stormy hit the marks across the board.

Tangria: 7 grams of milled flower – 20-26% THC​ 

Flavor notes: grape, berries, and citrus. This pre-milled flower blend of mouth-watering goodness is as big on flavor as THC. Striking the perfect balance of sweet and sour, this pre-ground fruity medley is ready to be packed and shared at a moment’s notice.  

Dank ‘N Stormy:​ 7 grams of milled flower – 20-26% THC​ 

Flavor notes: earthy, gassy, a hint of cheese. This pre-milled flower blend is the perfect storm of pungent pine and dank diesel with intense flavor and THC your taste buds (or real buds) might not be ready for! Batten down the hatches and prepare to get down with the dankness! 

Piper’s Punch hit PEI dispensary shelves in January of 2022. The brand’s fruit-forward blend Tangria spent four weeks as the top-selling milled product in the province. Fast forward to present – you can find Piper’s Punch in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and soon-to-be in New Foundland. “It’s been awesome to see how receptive the market has been, and we’re excited to continue our rapid growth in the back half of 2023,” the Piper’s Punch team says.

Email and best contact for wholesale inquiries: zcurrie@figr.com

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