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Playful California Cannabis Brand Sundazed Comes With Its Own Instagram Filters


California-born cannabis brand Sundazed is selling fire weed in Barbie-core pink boxes. The Sundazed experience is unapologetic and unique to the modern weed industry. Its founder is focused on providing luxury cannabis with an emphasis on art, the highest quality flower, and equally high standards for consumer experience.

Its 10-pack of pre-rolls, single pre-rolls, and dogwalkers each come in three effect varieties focusing on distinct terpene profiles. Glow Up highlights a citrus-dominant terpene strain with motivated and uplifting effects; the indica called After Hours offers relaxing, sedative, and intimate effects with dominant terpene Myrcene; and Daydream, a hybrid cultivar with euphoric, inspired, and vibrant effects and a top-testing terpene of Caryophyllene.

Sundazed launched in California in 2022.

Sundazed is a woman and BIPOC-owned luxury feminine cannabis lifestyle brand founded by entrepreneur Sarah Aziz. Sundazed sources the highest quality indoor-grown flower from award-winning cultivators. The brand officially launched in Fall 2022 in Los Angeles, California, and is exclusively available in select high-end retailers including Sweet Flower, The Growcery, and Josephine & Billie’s.

“Our target audience is feminine humans who love and appreciate cannabis as a part of their wellness and self-care routines,” says Sundazed founder and Creative Director Sarah Aziz. Aziz draws from her background in 5-star hospitality the detail-oriented design inspiration for Sundazed. The Sundazed pre-rolls are very potent and perfect for daily connoisseurs as well as new consumers because the experience and effects of each joint will last longer. “I highly recommend the dogwalkers for the new consumer,” says the founder.

Aziz spent years developing Sundazed to offer up a dreamy, meditative cannabis escape for different types of consumers beyond one homogenous group. She says Hall of Flowers’ network and readers are well-known as flower connoisseurs, “I hope you will appreciate the quality and attention to detail.”

“Sundazed is my way of making people happy. It’s made with a lot of love and care.”

Sarah Aziz, founder and creative director of Sundazed.

Artful details are felt in the packaging. “We created the sleek pink packaging with Paul Milinski, an Australia-based artist whose most recent work was with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Hermes,” Aziz tells Hall of Flowers. On the package of every Sundazed product, consumers will find a QR code leading to an Instagram filter that aligns with the experience of each strain. The filter was created by Aziz alongside Sasha Soul who has amassed over 30 billion impressions from her filters.

Sundazed inaugural product offering focused on pre-rolls: single .7 gram joints, 5 pack of .7 gram pre-rolls, which are designed to be reminiscent of the Razor phone, and a 10 pack of .35 gram pre-rolls that emulate the feel of opening a chocolate box. Sundazed is well-timed with the trend of Barbie-core and consumer nostalgia for Y2K design. The founder says consumers can expect more exciting new weed product SKUs to drop soon from Sundazed. The business has a chic lifestyle and clothing sister brand called Saturdazed, also founded by Aziz.

Email and best contact for wholesale inquiries: sarah@sundazedla.com

Sundazed wraps up potent cannabis in accessible pre-roll packs.
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