Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Zyre Offers A Best-Selling, Full-Spectrum Vape to British Colombia & Ontario


2023 has been a productive year for Zyre. Zyre has quickly risen among vapes in the industry to become one of BC’s top-selling, full-spectrum offerings.

With Zyre, its founder and CEO Audrey Wong decided to focus on areas where the consumer market may be underserved. Winning the Hall of Flowers Equity Grant caps a year of critical business milestones for the brand. Wong now celebrates that her full portfolio of vapes is on shelves at the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Zyre’s straightforward “Choose your vibe, choose your flavour” approach offers the modern consumer a range of distinct flavor profiles with cultivar-catered effects. Cannabis customers can choose from Recline, a Blueberry Pie flavor profile with a relaxing Pink Kush indica effect; Launch, a Pineapple Punch-forward flavor with an upbeat Jack Herer sativa effect; and Spotlight, Zyre’s Wild Strawberry flavor that offers Blue Dream hybrid effects for focus and creativity.

Zyre is quickly rising in the ranks for top-selling vapes in BC, Canada.

The vape’s all-ceramic hardware provides a smooth, gentle-heat draw that its founder believed was a solution to the market’s lack of quality, clean, full-spectrum vape offerings. Unlike brands that are “all talk about product quality but no action,” each Zyre vape features BC-grown strains that are hydrocarbon extracted into resin and blended with botanical terpene-infused distillate for the perfect combination of full-spectrum effects, potency, and natural fruit aromas.

Zyre’s pushing forward to launching the brand’s best-selling vape line across Canada. Wong is also looking at other opportunities to expand Zyre products that are approachable to the modern consumer that is entering the market or crossing over from legacy.

When Audrey Wong, CEO & Founder of Zyre couldn’t find a cough-free, full-spectrum vape that tasted like fruit instead of weed she decided not to settle, and set about making one herself. Having been on ground ushering in the legal Canadian cannabis industry in executive positions at the provincial distributor level and a multi-national cannabis company, she was well suited for the cause. Zyre is proof that companies with diverse leadership can perform, capture new markets, and expand market share.

Wong’s goal in founding Zyre was to reach the people that would be discovering cannabis in the coming years, offering a clean, demystifying point of access to the plant. Enabling consumers to curate their own experiences, Zyre continues to amass followers and loyalists who appreciate the details put into the product. Its unique, customized formulations enhance different effects while going down smoothly, with all-ceramic hardware and distinct, luxurious flavor profiles.

Alongside its great products, Zyre is representative of the larger cultural empowerment and transformation for our industry. As a founder, Wong is determined to give women and POC women a voice to claim their rightful space in the Canadian cannabis industry. Her efforts have been noted among consumers and budtenders alike who share the story of her tiny cannabis start-up. Wong’s proud Asian Canadian heritage pushes her innovation and sense of purpose evolving with the Canadian cannabis industry.

Zyre is currently on shelves across BC and Ontario.

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