Tuesday, October 3, 2023

MAD Pinners Announces California Launch With Blended, Kief-Infused Preroll Packs


MAD Pinners is arriving on the California marketplace this Septemeber 2023 with 10 kief-infused prerolls in two distinctive product SKUS—Sativa blend and Indica blend. The artful preroll pack stands out to consumers with day and night-themed custom art pieces by Santa Cruz-based artist, Elliott Bliss, wrapped around the packages.

The preroll brand was created by a husband and wife team Joseph and Kelly Brock who wanted to express themselves through their products. MAD Pinners’ ethos focuses on quality, experience, and sharing. They went with the dogwalkers or mini “pinner”-sized joints for convenience and as an answer to consumer demand. “For me, it’s about being rooted in the plant and the experience and what the plant can give back. It’s something you can finish in one sitting,” says co-founder Kelly to Hall of Flowers of the mini-sized joints. “You’re not wasting product, putting it out, or tasting that the product has been tainted if you relight it later.”

The duo first ideated the brand about 3 years ago with a desire to address consumer demand for value, accessible products on the market that also packed the quality punch. “We saw a gap in the market for value brands,” says its co-founder Joseph Brock. The MAD Pinners team blends several different cultivars to get a striking effect and also adds kief from a third cultivar to bring a full-spectrum, full-flavor result in a small package. “While everyone was chasing high THC and potency, we were chasing high terpene and cannabinoid profile,” says Joseph.

Sativa and Indica blend packs from MAD Pinners, with packaging artwork by Elliot Bliss.

The MAD Pinners packaging is unique. It’s the world’s first preroll dispenser box that has 10 kief-infused mini prerolls AKA the namesake “pinners.” The preroll box was created to offer an experience from sight to light, and it dispenses joints through the bottom of the pack in a slot-style opening. The MAD Pinners team has been in R&D for the last year leading up to the brand’s launch. MAD Pinners alchemized several proprietary cannabis blends and have been testing them with various focus groups over the course of the last year. MAD Pinners’ target audience is vast, and hopes the brand speaks to more than one type of consumer. “It’s for anyone who wants to try and feel something different from the cannabis experience,” says Joseph. “We want to show the market that a quality product and experience can be affordable.”

MAD Pinners sources its flower from expert indoor cultivators that the brand’s founders have been working with for years. Every strain that goes into its infused prerolls is personally tested by founders Joseph and Kelly, who grade each batch on flavor, experience/type of high, as well as the tastes gifted by each terpene blend.

The brand arrives on the California market this month and expects to be on the shelves by September 2023. This is a limited-edition drop with only 10k units available, for which 40% are already spoken for. All of MAD Pinners’ inaugural drop orders will come with personalized staff training, stickers, and postcards that highlight the art on the exterior packaging.

MAD Pinners is currently taking preorders. For wholesale inquiries, reach out to: support@madpinners.com

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