Wednesday, September 27, 2023

SHRED’ems New Guava Lime Go-Time Highlight Rare Cannabinoid THCV


There’s a new THCV gummy on the market from the minds at SHRED. Meet Guava Lime Go-Time THCV SHRED’ems, a new offering bursting with guava and lime flavors with a 1:1 THC/THCV ratio. Each of these little cannabis-infused gummy packs contains 10 milligrams of THCV and 10 milligrams of THC with four gummies per pack.

The parent company of SHRED, Organigram, is the first LP in Canada to offer consumers the exciting minor cannabinoid THCV in gummy form. It’s a rare minor cannabinoid that is gaining popularity both in Canada and the US for its reported ‘Super Sativa’ effects of energy, focus, and increased sense of well-being. While studies are still preliminary, data shows THCV has uplifting effects. It has even been referred to by consumers as ‘Diet Weed’, for its purported effects of appetite suppression: it’s known to give consumers less of the munchies than THC.

SHRED’ems launches a new flavor with a 1:1 ratio of THCV and THC.

Organigram says the new SHRED’ems derive THCV from a rare “Get S**T Done” strain. The SHRED team explains that THCV derived from whole flower (versus biosynthetically or artificially produced), provides a wider variety of cannabinoids for a broad-spectrum cannabis experience. This new flavor is currently on the market, though distribution varies by province so be sure to check the brand’s website.

SHRED was founded in Moncton, New Brunswick, in Fall of 2020. SHRED is known well across the country for its potent pre-milled flower, pre-rolls, gummies, and extracts. Its products are currently sold in all 10 provinces and 1 territory (Yukon) and is found in most of the 3000+ stores across Canada.

Are you going to the best trade show in Canada, HOF Toronto coming up this fall? You’re in luck. SHRED’ems Guava Lime Go-Time THCV 1:1 THCV/THC gummies will be available for sampling on-site at Hall of Flowers Toronto on Sept. 19 & 20, 2023.

The best contact for wholesale inquires, reach out to:

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