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Zèle Cannabis-Infused Craft Beverages Unveil Light Soda Collection Zèle LO


A delicious, light, weed-infused beverage has arrived. Zèle Cannabis-Infused Craft Beverages recently introduced a new naturally light soda collection, Zèle LO. The light soda is a complementary alternative to Zèle’s original craft sodas made with organic cane and real fruit sugars. The launch brings two Zèle LO flavors launched in Ontario: Cherry Limeade Hybrid Craft Soda and Peach Haze Sativa Craft Soda. With its inaugural launch in Ontario, the brand looks forward to bringing Zèle LO to more provincial markets in the near future.

The new Zèle LO product offering is hand-brewed with top-shelf vegan ingredients, natural alternative sweeteners, and flavorless, full-spectrum cannabis extract. The makers of Zèle LO are meticulous in crafting an extract through a proprietary process so that it doesn’t have the bitter cannabis taste. With 10 mg THC, 0 grams of sugar, and only 25 calories, Zèle LO provides consumers with tasty non-sugar soda options made with natural ingredients. The best part? Zèle LO still gives a potent, powerful effect and kick.

Zèle LO is the newest offering from Canadian cannabis drink brand Zèle.

Zèle is for consumers looking for something discreet, non-inhalable with a quick onset, and made without nasty ingredients, like aspartame or sucralose. The drink’s ingredient list is short and natural. These delightfully fizzy sodas are made with specific family cultivar genetics, meticulously matched and balanced with the natural fruit terpenes in Zèle’s sodas for optimal taste and experience. These deliciously light sodas taste so good, you have to feel it to believe there’s cannabis in there at all. Zèle Cannabis-Infused Craft Beverages are a treat offering consumers one of the most delicious drinkable cannabis options on the market.

Founded in 2019 by two nineteen-year-old Canadian entrepreneurs, Callum Hanton and Jonathan Martin, from Edmonton, Alberta. Zèle is French for ‘Zeal’, representing the power that drives their passion for soda perfection and commitment to craft a deliciously chill experience for all to enjoy, day or night. Co-founder and formulator Callum Hanton has been brewing sodas since he was seven years old, mastering the art over the years.

Zèle Cannabis-Infused Craft Beverages launches Zèle LO.

A decade later, he perfected Zèle’s proprietary cannabis infusion process through a combination of engineering brilliance and relentless determination to craft the best drink for his mom. Shortly after legalization, she asked him to create a cannabis drink that she could consume daily to help manage a few health issues. Callum worked tirelessly to craft not just a good cannabis drink, but the best cannabis drink ….a drink worthy of Mom.

After years of hard work and dedication, Zèle is now available in Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Yukon. The co-founders look forward to launching in their home province, Alberta next, followed by British Columbia and Manitoba soon after that, ultimately aiming to elevate the Canadian consumer experience from coast to coast.

See the brand on the floor in person at Hall of Flowers Toronto on Sept. 19 & 20, 2023.

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