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American Weed Co. Empowers Veterans Through High-Potency Cannabis


American Weed Co. is a Veteran-founded cannabis brand born in San Diego County, California. The brand’s strength is in its potency, product consistency, and meaningful brand ethos. American Weed Co. launched on Veterans Day 2022 with the mission to legalize weed for Veterans nationwide. On shelves in over 150+ stores in California, American Weed Co. is now working to destigmatize cannabis use for vets while taking the industry by storm.

The brand currently serves on the National Cannabis Roundtable (NCR) in DC which lobbies for cannabis legalization on behalf of Veterans. American Weed Co. even donates up to 10% of proceeds from its cannabis sales to the nonprofit Stop Soldier Suicide. The brand is fueling its mission by offering powerful, delicious products to consumers in the adult-use marketplace.

American Weed Co.’s grow is situated on Palomar Mountain in northern San Diego County. It’s a welcomed cultivation site on tribal lands and grown in partnership with the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel. “Many tribal members work at the farm and are also Veterans, which makes it a really special place,” the brand’s founder tells Hall of Flowers. The grow has earned 22 prestigious indoor cultivation awards, attributed to the expertise of meticulous growers, advanced technology utilization, and data-driven approaches.

Potent infused pre-roll packs from American Weed Co. called Rockets.

American Weed Co.’s entire lineup of cannabis products puts potent indoor-grown cannabis front and center in accessible, artful tin packaging. “We heard from our customers that they want a consistent, potent indoor product widely available for purchase no matter what store they are in,” says the American Weed Co. team. “Currently, customers can’t count on their favorite products always being on the shelf. We want to fix that by ensuring our simple product lineup is always available and always on the shelf in tasty, effective, consistent, and potent format.”

The weed brand honors the work of American Veterans in its product SKUs. The three product varieties are based on legendary WW2 units: Devil’s Dawn is the sativa lineup with a lemon haze base; Bombed Buzz is the indica lineup with an OG Kush base; and Armored Angel is the first to market CBN sleep joint with 5mg of CBN isolate that makes consumer’s sleepy within 15 minutes. Devil’s Dawn and Bombed Buzz come in both flower and preroll form. Its infused flower and infused Rockets (what American Weed Co. calls its particularly potent pre-rolls) are flying off the shelf.

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