Saturday, December 9, 2023

Cali Heights Drops California-Shaped Vape


California custies, rejoice. The weed brand Cali Heights recently launched ‘The Cali’, a unique new 1 Gram disposable vape available in four varieties: Live-Resin, Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa. The Cali is not only a vape but a work of art, with a striking shape that was meticulously designed to mirror the topography of the brand’s home state. The new California-shaped vape is compact, lightweight, rechargeable, and disposable, making it ideal for avid consumers and adventurers alike.

“Our team’s passion for innovation and the love for our home state, California, inspired us to create something truly special,” says Cali Heights Head of Sales Eric Theise. “The Cali is a celebration of the unique connection between cannabis and the beauty of our surroundings.” Born in Los Angeles, California, Cali Heights is known well for its premium concentrates, pre-rolls, and vape lineups.

The Cali Heights vape in Blueberry OG.

Each pen encompasses the California experience— adventure, travel, and really good weed. Cali Heights takes pride in using only 100% cannabis oil to ensure a safe vaping experience for its consumers. The brand’s founders love the place they call home and all the beauty and activities it has to offer. From the sun, palm trees, and beaches, to the mountains, deserts, and cities, there’s plenty to explore. Cali Heights’ new vape offering will help consumers make the most of it.

With its visually stunning California-shaped design, this vape pen is highly collectible. Its 1-gram, rechargeable design guarantees a smooth and consistent draw, delivering the full flavor and potency of some of the state’s best-selling strains. Launching in 4 signature colors, each of which represents a different product SKU.

Cali Heights invites dispensaries, deliveries, and consumers to join them in celebrating California cannabis culture with this fun addition to the state’s bustling adult-use market. The Cali blends uncompromising cannabis oil, portability, and a touch of California’s charm in every puff. The Cali is on shelves now in select retailers across California.

Cali Heights drops The Cali vape.
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